Tari Ito & Swing MASA

by RubberTit

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Tari Ito Performance Artist / Feminist 

Ito was born and raised in Tokyo. She spent four years performing in Holland beginning in 1982, and began integrating elements of feminism into her work around 1990. She founded the Women’s Art Network (WAN) in 1995, and between this year and 2002, she held an exhibition titled "Women Breaking Boundaries 21" and also organized a collaborative tour between Japanese and Korean artists. She began managing a multipurpose studio titled “PA/F Space” in 2003, and continues to spearhead projects aimed at the empowerment of sexual minorities. Her present works include “Where is the Fear? (2006 Version)” and “I Will Not Forget You: Homage to Kim Sundok. “

E-Mail; tari@gol.com


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